Sunday, December 9, 2012

No shave November

Michael loves to do the No shave November every month. Apparently its for a good cause but he has no clue what for. It's just an excuse to grow out a crazy beard and then......

 shave to get an "awesome" mustache! 

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  1. Hey sharlan, this is Jen Quarnberg. We lived by you guys in daybreak. There was a package delivered to your door a couple Weeks ago. Its just been sitting there and we know that you've moved so I googled your name to see if you had a face book page or something and came across your blog. Anyway, I can hang on to it for you if you like till your able to come pick it up or I can take it to the post office? Just let me know. 801-577-3708 you can call or text me. I didn't want to just leave it sitting there. Thanks!