Sunday, December 9, 2012

No shave November

Michael loves to do the No shave November every month. Apparently its for a good cause but he has no clue what for. It's just an excuse to grow out a crazy beard and then......

 shave to get an "awesome" mustache! 

House update!

On Saturday our house looked like this and on Tuesday it looked.......


 Everything is really coming along and we should be in the house by the end of January!!

 This window we found IN the shower of the master bathroom! It is huge right? I was in a panic thinking we signed off on something like this. I called the builder and it was a mistake and it will be fixed asap! I was so relieved!

Black Friday

This year for Thanksgiving we went down to Las Vegas to spent the weekend with his Mom. We had such a fun weekend and Jenny and I shopped until we dropped!! 


My Mother and Sister in law are HUGE Twilight fans. I have never read any of the books but I go to every movie with them each time it comes out. My Mother in law always flies into town just to see it with us. I always look forward to it every year and I am sad to say that this was the last one. This year at the theater the had vampire and wolfs men to take pictures with. She was too afraid to take a picture with them so I was the only one to jump in with her. 

Book Club

Michael's Aunt has formed this really fun book club for my sister in laws and the cousins. Every month she assigns a book for us to read and then has the most amazing activity/party to go with it. This particular month was special. Michael's Grandmother named Frankie passed away a few years ago. I never knew her very well since by the time I met her she had severe alzheimer's. We read one of her favorite books called "On growing up tough" and Aunt Shelly planned an amazing weekend getaway for all us girls and did all of Grandma Frankie's favorite things to celebrate her birthday. We went to the ballet, dinner, and stayed at the Little America hotel. We got the cutest gift baskets with all of Frankie's favorite things from pearl necklaces to adorable book marks. Frankie was a very loving and easy going person. She also got us these shirts that say "Frankie says relax" because thats what she used to say to everyone. It was an incredible weekend.


A couple days before Halloween I spent some time with my niece Stella. We made mummy dogs, frosted pumpkin sugar cookies and ended the night with Monster's inc. She is at such a fun age now and enjoy every moment with her.

 On Halloween we over to Michael's sister's house to do some trick or treating with the kids. Stella was a doctor, Emmitt was a chicken and Ashlynn was a flower. Stella was so sweet with sharing her candy with the other trick or treaters. She gave a piece of her own candy to EVERY kid that came to the door.


My mom and sister came up for conference weekend. It was such a short weekend but we had so much fun! We even got to see Xander!

My mom and sister came up for conference weekend. It was such a short weekend but we had so much fun!